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Open Grant Cycles

Below are the funds that are accepting grant applications at this time. Please review each link for application information, deadlines, etc. 

If you have additional questions or if your program or project does not align with any of the funds below, feel free to schedule an appointment with Sharon Alexander, CCCF President, to discuss.

Thank you!


See below for field of interest funds accepting applications from charitable organizations and community groups.

Computer Career Accelerator Fund for Carbon County

The Computer Career Accelerator Fund for Carbon County was established to support students from Carbon County and surrounding areas through grants to organizations offering robust programs that provide career awareness and skills development in the computer/IT fields.  Letters of Interest are accepted on a rolling basis.

Penny Allison Early Childhood Fund

To honor the legacy of its namesake, the Penny Allison Early Childhood Fund is dedicated to advancing the cause of Early Childhood Education. The Fund welcomes applications for grants from school programs such as Kindergarten, Pre-K Counts, Head Start, and other nonprofit organizations serving children and families in Carbon County, Pennsylvania.  Applications are due April 20, 2022.

Guidelines for Grants

  • 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations are encouraged to apply. If you do not have a 501(c)(3) status, please contact CCCF’s director to see if it might still be possible for you to apply.
  • If applicant is not the Chief Executive Officer themselves, he or she should have authorization from the CEO to apply on the organization’s behalf.
  • Applicants are welcome to request all manner of support, including program, capital, and operational support. 
  • All fields of community service are eligible for funding consideration.
  • The project, program, or activities for which funding is sought should be completed within the 12 month period following the grant award. As part of the grant agreement, the organization should expect to provide a brief follow-up report.
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to list other resources, including in-kind support, in their budgets. CCCF may fund a project 100%, however, we encourage collaboration and like to see other resources committed.
  • There is no specific grant amount range, however, applicants may reference the list of past grants to see what has been awarded.

Grant Cycles for Various Funds

Below are all of the funds at Carbon County Community Foundation that accept applications for funding.  Most grants are awarded during a spring cycle, with the exception of the 20/20 Fund.  Grants from donor-advised funds can be distributed anytime at the donors’ request.
Fund Area of Focus Application Window Grant(s) Awarded
20/20 Fund All Areas July-August October
Fund for Carbon County All Areas February-March June
Carbon County Creative Arts Fund Creative Arts February-March June
Penny Allison Early Childhood Fund Early Childhood Education February-March June
Scouting for Support Fund Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts February-March June
Vahnne’s Piggybank Fund Children Year-Round Quarterly
Anastasia Susko Memorial Scholarship Fund Scholarship, Jim Thorpe ASD February-March May
Orioles Scouting Scholarship Fund Scholarship, Boy/Girl Scout February-March May
Tyler Strong Memorial Scholarship Fund Scholarship, Jim Thorpe ASD February-March May
For more information about various fund or the application process, please contact CCCF at 1-855-545-1311 or
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