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Why Choose Us?

Nobody knows Carbon County like we do.

When you choose to invest in the future of our community, you want to work with someone who knows the territory. The Carbon County Community Foundation is overseen by a diverse volunteer board of local citizens and run by professional staff with expertise in knowing the local greatest needs. But we go beyond simply making grants that advance charitable activities: we also identify current and emerging issues, stimulate resources to address those needs and, because our focus is right here, help our region prepare for the future.

The Carbon County Community Foundation enables people of all income levels to make a difference in our community and leave a lasting legacy. Donors can establish a permanent endowment fund or make a gift of any size to an existing fund to benefit Carbon County.

Community foundations can support many community needs in various areas including:

  • Social Services
  • Education and Scholarships
  • Neighborhood Development
  • Youth Programs and Issues
  • Health and Wellness
  • Environment
  • Arts, Culture & Historic Preservation
How it Works

Setting up a fund is easy. Creating a fund takes less time than opening a bank account. The foundation takes care of all of the administrative duties and filings.

  1. Prospective funders donate their choice of assets to the foundation to create a fund that supports their charitable interests.
  2. The foundation will manage the fund, oversee the investment, maintain tax records and provide regular financial reports.
  3. Most importantly, the community foundation will award grants in your fund name or anonymously to the organizations or areas of interest chosen by the donor.

Individuals can choose to give now, enabling them to support local charities during their lifetime or make a commitment for a planned gift from their estate. Speak to your financial advisor about the tax advantages.

Current Fee Schedule for Endowed Funds


There are several types of funds; Foundation staff would be happy to guide you through your options. This fee schedule may be updated from time to time by the board of directors. Fees only apply to endowed funds.



Fund Type Fees
Designated Funds (Example: For an organization) 1.50%
Donor Advised or Field of Interest Funds 1.50%
Organizational Endowment 1.25%
Scholarship Fund 1.5%-2.0% (Determined by Admin Time Investment)
Unrestricted Fund (example: Our Fund for Carbon County) 1.50%
Unsupervised ($500K Min. – Donor designates own manager) 0.75%


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