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Pictured: John Nespoli, President St. Luke’s Lehighton and Carbon Campuses, and Sharon Alexander, President and CEO of CCCF

Aiming to extend and expand its legacy of supporting older adults in its service area, St. Luke’s Lehighton Campus is partnering with the Carbon County Community Foundation (CCCF) to establish a grant-giving program to support organizations in Carbon County providing much-needed services to the older adult community.  

The St. Luke’s Carbon Older Adults Compassionate Care Fund has been established with a one-time gift of $44,000 from St. Luke’s Lehighton to provide grants to organizations that transport senior citizens to medical and social service appointments and provide them with nutritional services, as well as to train persons who work with elderly residents. 

“Our hope is that this seed money will be a catalyst to further enhance resources and promote collaboration of the many wonderful organizations working together to improve the lives of our senior citizens in the greater Carbon County area,” John Nespoli, President of Carbon and Lehighton campuses.   

St. Luke’s transferred “seed” funds from its former Older Adult Day Program Fund to the Carbon County Community Foundation which will establish and manage the St. Luke’s Lehighton/Carbon Older Adults Compassionate Care Fund. This new “Field of Interest” fund will allow other like-minded philanthropists to make charitable contributions to grow the fund for the future benefit of older adults in Carbon County.    

“We are thrilled to be able to launch this new endeavor to support seniors living in Carbon County,” said Sharon Alexander, President of the Carbon County Community Foundation. “We are incredibly grateful to St. Luke’s for entrusting the Community Foundation with these funds, and we look forward to ensuring that this is an ongoing resource for Carbon County for generations to come.”

CCCF will distribute a portion of the fund balance annually to deserving social service providers that serve the Carbon County older adult population.   

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