In May, Courtney Quaresimo, Founder & CEO of Quantifi Media, shared marketing and social media tips and tricks at a free workshop to help best tell your organization’s story.  She also shared recommendations for some free and low-cost tools you can use to better reach your audiences. Here are 10 Marketing & Social Media Tools you can use to improve your business today for free!

Marketing is an important part of any business. In today’s busy, highly competitive and digitally driven world it is imperative that your business has a strong online presence. Promoting your businesses niche, logo, and overall mission is a good starting point to advertising your business and creating brand awareness. There is a lot that goes into marketing, such as creative design, managing social media, physical advertising, public relations, and more. Below are 10 FREE marketing and social media tools that will allow you to customize your marketing plan and deliver a strong message to the digital world. 

1. Canva

Canva is available as a free graphic design platform, however there is also a paid version with more accessibility and additional functions. There are many uses and possibilities with Canva. Users may use it to design flyers, business cards, social media posts, edit photos, and so much more. Canva is user friendly and fast and easy to learn, which makes it a useful tool for anyone, especially business owners just getting into digital marketing. Sign up for Canva here.

2. Asana

Asana is a work management platform designed for teams to stay on track by streamlining communication and organizing the flow of online collaboration. Essentially, Asana is an online project management platform that is compatible with many other programs such as Microsoft, Google Workspace, Outlook, Slack and more. Asana is extremely useful to track due dates, create a customizable dashboard view, set clear project goals and even address any issues that may arise throughout the project timeframe.


Evernote is a digital note taking software that allows you to create and organize your notes and to-do lists across all your devices. Important features that Evernote offers is its ability to connect with Google Calendar and you can even store your documents, PDF files or images inside notes. So when an idea suddenly pops into your head, Evernote is there as a digital pen and paper to safely store your thoughts and reference back to them whenever you need.



Hubspot is a software platform based around marketing, sales, customer service and also offers an array of resources and support to help businesses learn and grow. It is available for free or as a paid customer, of course there are differences between the two types of accounts. Hubspot offers free CRM software for businesses and is valuable for those who want plenty of integration options. There are many free tools available, including a website grader, blog idea generator, invoice template generator, and so much more.


Later is a tool used to manage social media accounts all in one place. Using later, you can plan months of social media posts in minutes! Later offers multi-profile scheduling, a visual planner, and allows you to create and save captions and hashtags for future use. With Later, you can find on-brand content which you can then customize to add your own personal touch. Later works with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, LinkedIn and Pinterest.


Alignable is an excellent networking resource to use as a small business owner. Alignable connects small business owners, builds and strengthens relationships within the small business community. Alignable is an effective tool to use to gain more referrals and promote your business, thus increasing your visibility. With alignable, there are so many possibilities, as you may meet another community member whose goals align with your own.


When promoting your business online it is important to consider keywords. Keywords are the words that hold the most meaning within a search, which are then recognized by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The Keyword tool uses Google Autocomplete to generate hundreds of relevant long-tail keywords for any topic. The free version of Keyword Tool generates up to 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions for every search term. You can use Keyword Tool to find keywords for Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, Instagram, and more!


Hotjar generates heatmaps, recordings, surveys and feedback to better understand your site users. Hotjar helps to visualize your site users behaviors with a heat map. With recordings, you can see what online path users are taking, hovering over, clicking on, etc. You can use the HotJar data to make improvements to your site. Hotjar is a powerful tool that reveals the real user experience and helps you to understand the overall performance of your site. If you are interested in Hotjar, you can sign up here.


Mention is a monitoring tool for marketing and brand purposes. Mention sends you alerts regarding any mentioning of your brand or business. It is NOT the same as Google Alerts. With Mention, you can track and monitor over 1 billion sources across the web from press releases, review sites, forums, and blogs. It is extremely user friendly and can also be integrated with Slack.


Google Analytics provides you with a massive amount of statistical information about your site, its performance, any issues it has, and more- at no cost to you. It delivers visual data of real-time statistics. A few additional highlights about Google Analytics is that it allows you to see different acquisition networks, time engaged on site, track competitors and analyze different geographical regions.

These ten FREE tools are incredibly valuable and will certainly give you the boost your business needs to succeed in the competitive landscape of marketing. If you want to learn more about marketing and how to advance your business contact Quantifi Media. Quantifi Media is a digital marketing agency that works with you and your business to develop a unique marketing strategy that will build and grow your brand.

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Courtney Quaresimo, Founder & CEO
Quantifi Media

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